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Normal fabric masks should be washed once a day.
Valigeria Roncato responds with the ViralOff mask: maximum eco-friendly protection with only one wash a week


The rise in infections caused by the second epidemiological wave made it necessary for companies to intervene promptly, a new step towards experimentation in the production of masks compared to what was already done in the first phase.

Valigeria Roncato, strong in its tradition that has always projected it towards innovation, has decided to respond to the new emergency by developing, in partnership with the Polygiene company, a new antibacterial and antiviral mask whose main feature is the fact of being low environmental impact because it does not require frequent washing.

The sensitivity of the Venetian company towards the environment, which led it to develop new collections of travel accessories made with recycled materials, led to an experimentation also in the field of masks, always with a view to environmental protection.


The new spread of the epidemic, in fact, despite the precautions taken by individuals, has raised some questions about the effectiveness of home-made cloth masks. Recent research from the University of Sydney, published on BMJ Open, reveals that cloth masks, contaminated after use, to still be effective against infections, must be washed daily in the washing machine at high temperatures, with the consequence of impacting significantly on the environment.

Roncato’s answer is the ViralOff mask, an antibacterial and antiviral mask that allows the elimination of up to 99% of viruses and bacteria in contact with both the external and internal fabric of the mask, on which the ViralOff treatment was performed. Its action has been tested on different strains of bacteria and viruses and certified by ISO 18184: 2019 tests: all viruses tested so far, Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS), are reduced in the range of 99% in two hours from the exhibition.

The ViralOff brand guarantees that the product is made with high quality standards that ensure effectiveness for numerous washes.

The Roncato ViralOff mask can be used up to 7 consecutive days and can therefore be washed by hand once a week, as per Polygiene’s recommendation, reducing the environmental impact associated with washing.

“ViralOff technology should be considered as a disinfectant for clothing,” says Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene. “Right now there is a huge demand for tools that help fight viruses. By marrying ViralOff technology we aim to help everyone overcome this difficult period”, echoes Andrea Roncato, administrator, together with her brothers and father. , by Valigeria Roncato.

The Roncato ViralOff mask is available in different shades of colors and sizes on the company e-commerce site at the affordable price of € 14.90.

A version for children with vitamin shades was also created; the treatment ensures 100% reliability even if the mask is frequently touched by small hands, in order to guarantee effectiveness and protection even for the travelers of tomorrow. Retail price: € 9.90.