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Polygiene ViralOff® is a product for the treatment of fabrics and surfaces that reduces viruses by 99% in two hours. Today, due to the Coronavirus, we see a huge need for treatment with antiviral properties. Polygiene started working on this need already during the fight against SARS in 2004. Thanks to the company background, Polygiene was able to examine the techniques, skills, methods and processes needed to prepare for the launch of the Polygiene ViralOff® brand - treatment of fabrics and surfaces.
ViralOff® is the answer to an acute situation, but it is also a long-term solution that improves the hygiene and protection factor on numerous products even when the COVID-19 pandemic is stabilized. There are strong indications that wear as opposed to antimicrobial wear will be the new normal in many applications.
Polygiene ViralOff® Shield in Spray can also be used as a treatment to restart the treatment performed in the finishing phase with the ViralOff® product in liquid solution, and can be used in the protection of fabrics and surfaces even in hospitals.

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