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Milano Colori, a reference point in the Italian market for raw materials and chemical specialties for
industrial use and COLORS SRL, a company that develops innovative technologies and distributes products
worldwide, are growing in Europe thanks to the agreement with Hobblex AB, a Swedish business and
technology development consulting company, which will bring ViralOff, a product intended for the
protection of fabrics, fibers, leather and rubber, containing “Polygiene ViralOff”, antimicrobial treatment

for fabrics, in Norway, Sweden and Romania.

Milan, Novembre 2020 – Milano Colori and COLORS SRL have made innovation the heart of their business
model, and thanks to the ViralOff project, are now able to interact with major European and world players.
Among the most important agreements confirmed in recent months, the one that stands out is with the
business and technology development consultancy company Hobblex AB. An agreement that the Italian
Companies have signed to bring Viraloff to Norway, Sweden and Romania.
Mario David Odicini, General Manager of COLORS SRL, says: “We are very satisfied with the partnership
with Hobblex AB which will allow us to expand our business into new areas in Europe. Hobblex AB is a
Swedish business and technology consulting company acting in Sweden that over the years has developed
expertise in various sectors: our goal is to cover the European market alongside heterogeneous partners
who can thus give us a more comprehensive vision of which is the best path to promote our product ".
Thanks to its great versatility, ViralOff, in its various versions (Nitrogen, Gpl, No gas) and formats (100ml
and 250ml Nitrogen, 125ml and 220ml Gpl, 200ml and 400ml No Gas), is used in different areas: sanitary
circuit , sports, business (offices), daily activities, travel. In addition, the treatment is equipped with ECO
PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®: a certification with which the manufacturer of chemical products for the textile
sector can demonstrate that its products can be used within a sustainable and environmentally friendly
textile supply chain. Finally, thanks to its formulation, the product does not interfere with the natural
bacterial flora of the skin, not creating any type of irritation.
Lisa Tavazzani, Head of the ViralOff Project and Ceo of Colors continues: "The commitment made in
promoting ViralOff is showing us that the market is ready to incorporate the added value that the product
brings with it. Thanks to the collaboration with Milano Colori, we are successfully proceeding with our
development plan with the goal of globally reaching 10 million spray cans sold per year. "
Ion Postoaca, Owner of Hobblex AB, concludes: “We are convinced ViralOff can contribute substantially in
preserving a healthy environment around the people regardless where they are located. Large spectrum of
aplications and versatility of this product will trigger a good acceptancy of the customers. Our intention is to
be an active business partner, meanwhile, contributing to the enlargment of ViralOff field of appplications.
For the time being we have settled a small professional organisation dedicated to ViralOff product range
introduction in Sweden, Norway and Romania”
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