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Press ReleaseNew ViralOff, Roncato and Polygiene mask

New ViralOff, Roncato and Polygiene mask

Valigeria Roncato and Polygiene present the new ViralOff mask, a face protection device with cutting-edge technology. An additional security in this period of great criticality.
The new ViralOff mask is produced for both adults and children. In different sizes and various shades of color, from the most elegant to the super colorful ones for children. Antibacterial and antiviral, to protect the environment.

The innovation of this new ViralOff mask is that it can be washed only once a week. Thanks to its technology it does not need to be cleaned daily. This is also essential to reduce the enormous environmental impact that the cloth masks are having. The last few months have put environmental protection to a severe test. Roncato has thought, in collaboration with the Polygiene company, to offer a valid, effective and sustainable alternative. For all those who want to keep their values ​​firm. Without letting our guard down in the face of the great threat we are experiencing. Maximum protection in an eco-friendly product.

This, from the beginning, was the bad luck of Valigeria Roncato. The company is not new to sustainable initiatives. In fact, he had already produced a line of travel accessories with recyclable materials. A turning point in the world of luggage. Also this time Roncato has decided to take the front row in the fight against waste. Timely intervention is also due to the continuous worsening of the contagion situation in our country.

We needed a strong, quality response that is accessible to all and sustainable. Here are the watchwords of this project.

A big debate has recently opened up about the real practicality of homemade cloth masks. A symbol of great precaution on the part of all of us, but which has underestimated the impact on the environment. In fact, these masks, to be hygienic, must be washed at least once a day. In the washing machine and at high temperatures. All this means a great waste of water, energy and the proliferation of pollution. According to research from the University of Sydney published on BMJ Open.

The ViralOff mask allows you to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the fabric. A protection that affects both the outside and the inside of the device. This special treatment is equivalent to a real disinfectant for clothing. It has been scientifically tested and certified on various bacterial strains. For example, that of influenza A, BirdFlu, Novovirus and Corona (SARS). This technology reduces 99% of viruses within 2 hours of exposure. A very high quality standard guarantees real effectiveness even after numerous washes, but only one per week is enough. As the Polygiene company recommends. And we will have all the protection we need.

The mask for adults is on sale at a price of 14.90 euros. The children’s version for 9.90 euros. The company guarantees maximum effectiveness even for the little ones, who, as we know, are more likely to touch it continuously. With ViralOff we can leave worries at home and live more peacefully. Available on official websites, at the Valigeria Roncato e-commerce at the following links. For children and adults.