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COLORS SRL, a company that develops innovative technologies and distributes products worldwide, signs an agreement with FIFTH AVENUE INTERNATIONAL, a sourcing solution company in the fashion sector, which has adopted ViralOff aerosol booster, sanitizing treatment for fabrics and surfaces, as part fundamental in research and development for its customers.
Milan, October 2020 – The consolidated partnerships by COLORS SRL continue with great success, which in collaboration with Milano Colori, a reference point in the Italian market for raw materials and chemical specialties for industrial use, has developed the Shield Antimicrobial spray, a product intended for protection of fabrics, fibers, leather and rubber, which contains “Polygiene ViralOff”, an antimicrobial treatment for fabrics.

As Lisa Tavazzani, Head of the ViralOff Project and Ceo of COLORS SRL explains: “In times of Covid, the demand for products able to fight viruses and at the same time offer complete sanitation is growing exponentially. The perfect answer to this need is ViralOff. Our product in the convenient spray format can be applied easily, does not stain and guarantees long-term protection against viruses and bacteria. We are very happy that Fifth Avenue International has embraced our project. The company will use it not only within the production process but will propose it to its customers as the last frontier for effective sanitation. Today ViralOff is no longer just the answer to Covid but is turning into a commodity that all productions must contemplate “.
Fifth Avenue International is an international group with HQ in Hong Kong offering turnkey packages to fashion companies looking for attractive solutions for their development in Asia. Fifth Avenue International provides extraordinary support to all its customers – the most important national and international fashion groups – creating and coordinating with them all the activities related to the product, from research and development, from production management, to the supply chain up to logistics. Precisely with this in mind, the company looks with great attention to all the innovations that can change the market and in ViralOff it has seen a unique opportunity.
Marco Ferraro, CEO of Fifth Avenue International comments: “When we met ViralOff, we realized how much this treatment was a real evolution compared to the classic antibacterial treatments that we have constantly adopted. Having dealt with research and product development for over twenty years, we are always looking for effective innovations that make us at the forefront of the market. For this reason, we have not only included ViralOff as a fundamental component of the product development process but we offer it to our customers as an indispensable commodity, as the need for effective sanitation goes far beyond the contingent situation but is becoming a requirement. daily. For this reason, many of our products that we exhibit in our five international showrooms in Treviso, Hong Kong, Tirupur, Bangalore and Dhaka have been treated with the ViralOff additive which guarantees a long-lasting protective effect. Furthermore, when the effect fades, we can reactivate the protection thanks to the new spray that acts as a booster. “
And in terms of security, ViralOff is second to none. The treatment is in fact equipped with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®: a certification with which the manufacturer of chemical products for the textile sector (Auxiliaries, Dyes, Finishing Agents and possibly others if not included) can demonstrate that its products are usable as part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly textile supply chain. Moreover, thanks to its formulation, the product does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin, not creating any type of irritation.

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