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Lisa Tavazzani, Project Manager and CEO of COLORS SRL announces the agreement with AQMA ITALIA S.p.A for the distribution of the antiviral treatment for ViralOff fabrics and surfaces in the pharmacy channel starting from 15 September.
As Lisa Tavazzani explains: “ViralOff is not just an immediate response to an emergency situation. ViralOff is the perfect long-term solution to improve hygiene and protection on fabrics and surfaces, even when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. Antimicrobial treatments are destined to become an integral part of our lives and for this reason, finding a high quality product in the pharmacy channel is very important as it allows you to manage your daily life in total safety. Thanks to AQMA, we will be present in the main Italian pharmacies starting from September 15th: ViralOff will be marketed in the practical 100 ml spray format, at a price of 12.50 euros to the public. The product has an immediate action thanks to the presence of alcohol then maintained by titanium dioxide and silver chloride, it does not stain and can be safely carried with you on any occasion “. The result of a long research initially tested for Influenza A BirdFlu, Norovirus and SARS, ViralOff, developed thanks to the technology of the Swedish biomedical company Polygiene and produced by Milano Colori, a reference point in the Italian market for raw materials and chemical specialties for industrial use , Is now based on a special formulation based on a biocide consisting of titanium dioxide and silver chloride, capable of interrupting viral activity through interaction with key proteins and thus achieving a 99% reduction in viruses on which it acts within a period of 2 hours.
And in terms of security, ViralOff is second to none. The treatment is in fact equipped with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX: a certification with which the manufacturer of chemical products for the textile sector (Auxiliaries, Dyes, Finishing Agents and possibly others if not included) can demonstrate that its products are usable. as part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly textile supply chain. Moreover, thanks to its formulation, the product does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin as it has passed the cytotoxicity and skin tests for the skin, respecting the European and international reference standards.
Marisa Mazzocco, Sales Manager of AQMA ITALIA S.p.A comments: “AQMA is very proud to collaborate with ViralOff as it allows us to associate our brand with products of the highest quality standard. AQMA is a young innovative startup that is attentive to new things, especially when these translate into quality and innovation. We are very proud to be the exclusive distributors for Italian pharmacies today, in a historical moment like the one we are facing, supporting initiatives aimed at health and prevention is a must for us. Facing changes, lifestyle changes makes it almost a duty for companies to embrace valuable projects that have precisely this goal. The main reason why we chose to follow the project is precisely in the validity of the project itself in which we strongly believe and for which we will make our professionalism and strength available to the pharmacy channel. “