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NewsWhen the finishing combats viruses and bacteria

When the finishing combats viruses and bacteria

Translation by Lavinia Rainoldi It has chosen to focus its attention on leather goods and accessories, provides antiviral and antibacterial treatments for fabrics and is determined to boost its presence on the web. Leucadia, the historic Villa Guardia-based company specializing in textile ennoblement, was not caught unprepared by the COVID-19 pandemic: its fifty-year-long experience has enabled the firm to learn how to deal with crises and overcome them with renewed vigour. Among the innovations introduced in the Last few months, mention must be made of a series of specific treatments for fabrics that help counteract viruses and bacteria. The proposal is no doubt abreast of the times. ‘We are breaking new ground,’ explains CE0 Luciano Lazzati, ‘and we have already received a few requests. However, we are witnessing growing interest as we will be providing our customers with a key service.’ In this regard, the company offers two finishing treatments: ViralOff reduces the presence of the virus on the fabric by 99 per cent within two hours of application and the second one Bi-Ome Devan lowers virai activity by more than 90 per cent in two hours and bacterial growth in 24 hours. Anyway, there is much more to do to overcome the crisis. ‘For some time now, we have been switching from technical sportswear to leather goods and accessories; Lazzati says. ‘The production of technical clothing in Italy has almost disappeared; we are focusing on more profitable segments that offer better perspectives in these times of crises? Therefore, the key to face the difficult months ahead lies in new services and cutting-edge production.   The third factor is related to communications travelling around the world to promote companies has been made harder by Covid-19, but at the same time the pandemic has revealed the limitless potentiaL of the internet. ‘We are intensifying our presence on the web; says Lazzati, ‘and we will be increasing our investments in the digital sector.’ The values that have contributed to making Leucadia a reference point in the dyeing, finishing and resination sectors have never changed since the eighties: maximum care in fabric ennoblement, attention to customers’ demands, sets of samptes that are abreast of the times and the pride to be in a position to offer made in Italy products that are showcased on worldwide catwalks. Last but not least, environmental awareness is also proving to be a crucial factor. Leucadia likes to be defined as a scrupulous company operating in compliance with regulations. These are not just words: they entail abiding by stringent European laws that regulate the use of chemical compounds. Following these principles enables companies to manufacture fabrics that are also suitable for children and babies, without any potentially harmful component.