STOCKHOLM, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The application for the ViralOff ^®
antiviral technology will range from medical equipment and wear, like scrubs
and uniforms to consumer products where antiviral properties make sense, like
face masks, gloves and other crucial products. The new product will be
available immediately in most markets*.

Back in 2004, the SARS epidemic was raging. Demand for antiviral and
antibacterial treatments was soaring. As smart scientists and technicians at
the Swedish chemical company Perstorp came up with new solutions, a new
company was spun off - Polygiene. But memory of SARS waned, and we focused
instead on consumer products and the environmental benefit of washing less and
making garments more sustainable. Now Corona has changed the world. So, we
have rapidly gone back to our roots in the healthcare sector and our knowhow
and learnings on combating viruses, and today we announce the launch of a new
product - ViralOff ^® , a Polygiene technology.

On a garment treated with ViralOff, over 99% of viruses will be killed in 2
hours as per a ISO18184:2019 test. All viruses so far tested, from Influenza
A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and to Corona (SARS) viruses are reduced in the 99%
range. As this testing procedure is central, the ViralOff brand will serve as
a stamp of assurance that the product lives up to a standard.

"Think of it as a sanitizer for garments." , says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.
"There is an enormous demand for things that help combat viruses now. With the
ViralOff treatment, we can help set a standard for performance and help
everyone get through these difficult times, from the heroes working in the
medical services to the average person who would just like to get a pair of
gloves or a facemask with tested antiviral capability." We also anticipate and
welcome other novel product ideas from scientists and inventors that use this