Marzotto Wool Manufacturing, which includes brands such as Marzotto, Guabello, Marlane and Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, has raised the level of performance of its fabrics with the help of the ViralOff technology developed by Polygiene, a Swedish company that produces antibacterial and odors and now also antivirals.

With partner Marzotto it is the first time that ViralOff is applied to wool and other natural fibers. The active ingredients are silver ions combined with titanium dioxide: together they allow the reduction of viruses on the surface in just two hours after their “landing”. The treated fabrics can be used in contact with the skin, they do not interfere with the natural bacterial flora, nor do they affect the softness of the fabrics. Furthermore, as guaranteed by the Valdagno (Vi) group, it is a long-lasting treatment, active even after washing with water or dry.

The Biella-based Fratelli Piacenza wool mill has instead strengthened its long-standing collaboration with the Swiss HeiQ which, thanks to the Hei Viroblock NPJ03 technology, now allows antiviral and antimicrobial treatment of fabrics (in the photo) tested against the coronavirus.

HeiQ – specialist in textile technologies, spin-off of ETH, the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich – is also a partner of the Albini Group, which thinks about protection from viruses and bacteria with the Viroformula line. It is part of the Albini 1876 range of fabrics for shirts that aim at eco-performance: high quality, functional and respectful of the environment, they are designed for a conscious and dynamic lifestyle.

HeiQ combines two technologies: one with spherical fatty vesicles (liposomes) capable of attacking the outermost layer of viruses which, like the coronavirus, are coated with lipid pericapsid; another to silver which attracts viruses loaded in the opposite way and then destroys them.