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NewsThe Italian supply chain relaunches on antiviral fabrics

The Italian supply chain relaunches on antiviral fabrics

Fashion continues to protect health by putting fabrics at the forefront. Many companies in the fashion sector are offering their contribution to counter the health emergency by orienting research on the development of antibacterial materials and Covid-free lines. To have started this trend are names like Diesel and Marzotto group.

Finally, the ViralOff project was developed by Milano Colori and Colors. The two Italian companies have developed the Shield antimicrobial spray, which with its Polygiene ViralOff antimicrobial treatment protects fabrics, fibers, leather and rubber. The spray is based on a formulation based on a biocide consisting of titanium dioxide and silver chloride capable of interrupting viral activity through the interaction with key proteins, obtaining a 99% reduction of the viruses on which it acts. within a two hour period.