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Not even six months after launching the antiviral treatment ViralOff®, it is getting what is best described as global coverage in media. Last week culminated in an appearance on, Good Morning America – How major fashion has joined the fight against COVID-19.


That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of attention we have received. We have been in Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, Forbes China, Vogue Business, British GQ, ADWEEK, Fashion Network, and numerous trade magazines. We include some links to online articles below.

While many articles have been wholeheartedly positive, other media have opted to do what they should – report and also investigate. Is this really necessary, this “Antiviral” thing?

We do not claim ViralOff® to be the sole solution to the current or future pandemic. But it is a piece to the puzzle. First of all, viruses live naturally in textiles longer than on hard surfaces. A study from the University of Hong Kong reported that viruses were still detectable after 7 days (!) on face masks. Of course, reducing this to fractions of one percent in two hours changes things dramatically. Effectively, it works like sanitizing gel for your clothes – and it gives you one less thing to worry about. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention are quoted on TV saying, “If possible, do not shake dirty laundry. This will minimize the possibility of dispersing viruses through the air.” Well, with ViralOff treated textile, you need not worry about that, and actually washing might not even be needed.

And what about having ViralOff on jeans? Well, three good reasons follow. First, viruses can live for a long time without treatment. Jeans are in touch with all kinds of surfaces in public spaces. Have you ever wiped your hands on your jeans before touching your face? Second, you will not need to wash them, note, need. There will be very few viruses, bacteria and other microbes so it will not be “contaminated”, nor will it smell. You can in essence not wash them at all unless you want to get physical dirt off them. And finally, some markets already demand that any garment tried by one person should be disinfected before being sold to a second person. Check that box, too.

Here at Colors, we started ViralOff as our contribution in the healthcare sector – on scrubs and facemasks – but have seen this spread like wildfire into the consumer realm. And we see how it all adds up. Skipping half, or why not eight out of ten washes is a huge sustainability gain. Even more if clothes then last longer, are sold more on the second-hand market, and finally, facemasks are not made to be disposed after one use.

These numbers are simple facts. If we actually save lives and prevent spread in the process, then that is the ultimate benefit of course. But we will never “sell” anyone that.


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